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Case Report
Bullet lung injury in adolescent: a case report
Gunshot injuries to adolescents involve a proportionate minority of the overall injury population. Especially thorax bullet injuries are even less common. This report aimed to express our experience by sharing the clinical process of our patient with this injury. A fourteen-year-old female patient was injured by a gunshot from a distance of approximately 10 meters while she was in the garden. It was understood that the bullet entry hole was from the scapular supraspinatus region towards the clavicle and the apex of the left lung. It was determined that the exit hole was in the hemithorax region below the left clavicle. The patient was admitted for follow-up and treatment. Since the patient's general condition was stable, after clinical follow-up, a thoracotomy was performed under elective conditions, intraparenchymal bone fragments were cleaned, and the left apical lobe was excised. Clinical follow-up is problem-free, and post-discharge follow-up is also problem-free.

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Volume 1, Issue 2, 2024
Page : 31-33